AMCY Technology Ltd Support Services

Support Services

AMCY Technology offers a wide range of maintenance and technical support
services including:

• Full Contract including on-site engineer if required
• Retainer Contract
• Microsoft Smart Phones & Blackberry’s
• Mobile Email Solutions
• Dell/Microsoft Partners
• Ad-hoc Service
• Telephone Support/Remote Support
• System/Network Support Contracts
• Preventative Maintenance/Housekeeping
• Full IT Emergency Services .Rewiring & New Cabling Services Available
• Complete network heath check
• Security – Network/application/physical
• Enterprise Antivirus support
• Laptop/Desktop/Server maintenance
• Website Design.
• Telephony solutions – VOIP (voice over IP).
• Printer/Scanner repair
• Firewall configuration

Any of our standard Maintenance and Support packages can be tailored to
suit individual customers’ needs. Our aim is always to minimise system down
time by resolving a problem at the first visit. Corporate clients may take
advantage of a Help Desk support system run by Amcy to manage large
installations of PCs and networks, thereby reducing the load on the
organisation’s IT Department.

Smaller organisations can avoid employing
dedicated IT staff by utilising Amcy’s experienced technicians to perform
tasks such as network management, preventative maintenance and housekeeping
tasks on a regular basis.

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